Authorization letter is an important part for office communication. It is the formal type of written communication these letters have to written carefully. Authorization letter, you give someone the authority to take decisions and sign the documents on your behalf and the organization or the individual you are dealing with cannot take any objection to this after receiving the letter of authorization. There are also other document for authorization letter like authorization letter to claim, for birth certificate, to withdraw money and many more. Here is sample authorization letter to process document is given.

Jennifer Parker
'Park Avenue',
143, Lman Street,
London- BBDD 6ZZ

Whom it may concern
Office of Vital Records
London- EC3A2AD

Sub: Authorization to process my official documents

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, the undersigned, need some of my important official documents to be processed which are present on file in your office. Since I am not in a position to come to your office due to my health problems and collect the same in person, I hereby authorize my brother Mrs John Parker to apply for and get the required documents duly processed. I have no objection for Mrs John Parker signing the documents on my behalf in my absence. Together with Mrs John Parker is my Identification Card attesting this authorization.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
- Signature

This is the ideal format for authorization letter for processing documents. For goodbye letter, graduation letter tips visit

We have been taught to write various applications in our schools and one of them is the leave application letter. It is applicable when you have planned a leave and then asking for its approval from your seniors. The addressee of the letter is usually your immediate reporting head, but in some organizations the number of leaves decides the recipient. In the following section, we will see the format and an example of employee leave application letter.

Format of an Employee Leave Application Letter

If it is an e-mail, then the format remains as the text boxes that the e-mail interface provides. For example:

To: (recipient's address)

CC: (your reporting head's or human resources personnel's e-mail addresses)

Subject: Leave application for ____ days for ____.

In this section, you may or may not mention the reason of the leave in the subject line itself. For instance, if it is for personal reasons, it is better not to write it in the subject line. In case it is for some examination, then you may.

Body of the E-Mail: Start with the addressee's name, designation, department, etc. In the first line, i.e. the introduction of the e-mail, one is supposed to write that he or she wishes to apply for leaves. Then follows the date and number of working days.
In the second paragraph, one can cite the reason for applying for leaves. Then request them to accept and approve the leave. The content of this letter will not exceed more than 300 words in general. End the letter by thanking the recipient and saying that you will await the reply.
Signature: Your name, designation, employee id, department

Sample Employee Leave Application Letter

This sample is for employees who choose to write an application in hard copy. Note the format and the language.

Name: Rachel Dsouza
Employee Code: CWD - 1248
Date: 05/24/2012
Robin Donald
Subject: Leave Application for 10 days for exams


I wish to apply for 10 working days leave from the 15th of next month till the end of month (15 - 30 Apr. 2012). The reason for this is my master's course examinations of the final term. There are 10 papers that I need to appear and additional five days for preparing for the examinations.
I shall report to work on the 2nd of May 2012. I request you to kindly approve my leave.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Rachel Dsouza

Hope this sample employee leave application letter will give you an idea of how to address the letter to your seniors and specify your reasons for asking leaves.
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It is believed that love is the greatest feeling on earth. And what goes hand-in-hand with love is loyalty. It is this loyalty that compels you to sacrifice everything, including your life, for the one you love. Writing a love letter to your loved one is most romantic thing.

Love letter will always hold a special place among all the love birds. These letters will always have a unique flavour and be more personal than any other love texts send via your cell phones or emails as these letters are written by your love. While writing love letter to your lover you have to take care that these love letter will express your thoughts, feelings to your lover. Find expressive love letters which shows how to write best love letter to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband. It is the most effective way to express your love.


Writing agreement letters are no big deal, because they are a form of business letters, only with a little difference in the content and format. Apart from the clinched notion of an agreement happening or taking place in case of business proposals, the agreement letter can actually be related to other things too. For example, an agreement between the employer and an employee, an agreement with the police and you, an agreement between the landlord and the tenant, an agreement of supplying something for a certain period of time, signing an incentive program or freelancing, etc.
Tips for Writing the Letter of Agreement
Depending on the opponent party, you decide whether there is a need to make it legal, that is to say that, whether to bind the agreement into a contract or mention some serious repercussions in case of non compliance. In case it is a business agreement, then of course it has to be very detailed and with intricately written terms and conditions. It is better to take the help of professionals then. However, the following will give you a gist of the needful, in case of an agreement letter with respect to employment and between the employer and employee while writing a letter in different forms.
  • Scope of work: Complete description of what is expected of you on a daily basis
  • Duties and responsibilities: A detailed list of job responsibilities one has to do, what one is responsible for, etc. For e.g., making or filing reports, report to someone, etc
  • Tenure to be served: This is regarding the number of years to be completed in case of bonds or the weekly hours to be present in the office
  • Remuneration amount: Details like cost to company, in hand amount, taxes, deductions, etc., are covered here
  • Rules and regulations: This self explanatory point tells you about the rules related to your employment, style of working, i.e. acceptable and non acceptable norms, etc.
  • Non competition: This section is about not doing anything outside the frame of employment or to earn money by using the resources, both in terms of time as well as equipments, office hours, etc. Non disclosure: Keeping the office, policies, or work strategies to yourself is important, otherwise it can be counted as leaking inside information and it may very well turn against you
  • Non solicitation: Luring your colleagues even after you are not a part of the organization anymore, for a certain amount of time, comprises of this section
  • Terms and conditions: Needless to explain this factor, this is the most important section of any letter of agreement. The reason behind this is that all the above mentioned points can be revoked on non compliance or agreement of this section